Video Microscope Kit

Bar Code: 1142

Description: This kit contains a microscope and a video camera with all necessary cables and adapters for set up. Television not included. Prepared slides are also available.


2 Containers

  • Container #1
    1. Stereo microscope with video ports
  • Container #2
    1. (2) 50 w light sources
    2. Microscope with video port
    3. Solid State Color CCTV Camera Mounted on arm (Panasonic Model WV-CL322)
    4. 25 mm Camera Lens
    5. Wired Post and Boom Arm (Camera is Mounted on it)
    6. Micro-Vid Platform (stored in the upper lid of the case)
    7. AC Adapter (Power Supply)
    8. Microscope Lens to Camera Adapter (attached to lens now)
    9. Hex Key (5/64 inch - in baggie with TV adapters)
    10. Camera Instruction Manual
    11. Spare WHE10X/18 Eyepiece
    12. Spare Light bulb for Boreal Microscope
    13. Baggie of Cable Adapters and Misc Collars


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