Telescope (Schmidt-Cassagraine)

Bar Code: 1144

Description: 8" Schmidt-Cassagraine reflector with tripod, motor drive, and solar filter.


  1. (1) 8 Inch Aperture Schmidt-Cassagraine
  2. Catadioptric Telescope with full- aperture solar filter
  3. (1) Tripod Stand
  4. (1) Orion Flexishield Dew Cap
  5. (1) Carrying Case for the Telescope

1 Box of Telescope Accessories

  1. (1) Extra Eyepiece (Sirius Plossi 17 mm w/eye guard - 08734)
  2. (1) Power cord
  3. (1) Instruction Manual and Tech Notes
  4. (1) Book - The Starry Sky by Wyler

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The mission updates for the Galileo probe sent to Jupiter are available from NASA.

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