Simple Machines

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Description: Using this kit, students learn about force, measuring work, inclined plane or ramp, mechanical advantages, different classes of levers, pulleys, and axles. The kit provides oversized hands-on materials for teaching simple machines. Oversized materials make teaching K-3 about simple machines easy and fun.



  • These are two identical kits contained in 2'x3' storage boxes. All items are in shaped & labeled wells. Each box contains:
    1. Lever stick (1)
    2. S-hooks (3)
    3. Large washers (8)
    4. String
    5. Support Pegs (3) (black, 3" long)
    6. Riders (2) ( 1" diameter disk with two holes drilled in them)
    7. Fulcrum (1) (1.5" diameter disk with a pear shaped hole and a thumb screw)
    8. Cart (1) (orange with black wheels)
    9. Panel supports (2) (2' long, attached to the box on one end)
    10. Wheel and axle supports (2) (large triangular shaped blocks of wood - red)
    11. Pulleys (2) (green)
    12. Spring scale (1) (Ohaus model 8014-N)
    13. Small wheel (1) (3" diameter, red)
    14. Large wheel (1) (6" diameter, red)
    15. Axle (1) (7" black plastic)
    16. Inclined plane (1) (2'x2" orange plastic)
    17. Hitch pins (2) (in the well with the S-hooks)
    18. Teacher's guide
    19. Parts list
    20. Activity sheets
  • Outside the kit are the following books:
    1. "The Little Engine That Could" by Piper
    2. "The Science Book of Motion" by Ardley
    3. "Choo Choo" by Burton
    4. "Danger-Iceburgs" by Gans
    5. "The Skeleton Inside You" by Balestrino
    6. "The MacMillan Book of How Things Work" by Folsom
    7. "Force and Motion" by Lafferty


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Physics Unbound is an as-of-yet unexplored link to some apparently decent physics primers, mostly simple (?) machines.


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