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Sharks and Dolphins

Bar Code: 1141

Description: This kit teaches students about the anatomy and intelligence of dolphins and sharks and about communication, stranding, swimming, and echo location.


1 Medium size pink plastic tub. Within the tub:

  1. 2 Pairs of Shark Jaws
  2. Baggie of Shark's Teeth
  3. 20 ILFOCHROME RAPID Overhead Transparencies
  4. "Sharks" by Kate Petty
  5. "Dolphins" by the Cousteau Society
  6. "Whales and Other Sea Mammals" by Elsa Posell
  7. 2 Poster Tubes. Within the Tubes:
  8. Great White Shark Poster
  9. Sharks of the United States Poster
  10. Periodic Table of the Fish
  11. Marine Mammals

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A study of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins of the northern Bahamas is a good bet.

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