Radioactivity and Half Life

Bar Code: 1131


Description: This kit offers the use of a digital radiation counter, samples for experimenting with alpha, beta, and gamma sources, and shielding and activities illustrating half life.


  • 1 large container of materials:
    1. Nucleus model 500 Nuclear scaler
    2. End-window G-M tube, tube stand, 2 sample trays (this device plugs into the back of nuclear scaler)
    3. Spare G-M tube
    4. Shielding Kit
    5. Radiation Source kit
    6. Baggie of sand
    7. Baggie of wood
    8. Baggie misc. shielding (foil, Saran-wrap, nail, etc.)
    9. 2 unknown envelopes (A-paper, B-latern mantles)
    10. Small disposable light source
    11. Poster tube with chart of Nuclides
    12. Introduction Radioactivity and Half-life experiment kit
    13. Misc. handouts
    14. "Nuclear Energy" by Fradin

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