Superconductivity and Liquid Nitrogen

Bar Code: 1132

Description: This kit includes a tank of liquid nitrogen, superconductor disc and manual, as well as materials for demonstrating and observing the effects of super cool temperatures on a variety of materials. The kit consists of one tank of liquid nitrogen and one container of materials. Safety goggles are required for all present (see bar code 1306). A trained volunteer is required for this kit.


  1. 1 Lab 30 Liquid Nitrogen Tank
  2. 1 Insulated Container (~ 1 liter)
  3. 1 CSI K11 Superconductor Levitation Comparison Kit w/manual
  4. 1 Yttrium disk
  5. 1 Bismuth disk
  6. 2 Rare Earth Magnets
  7. 2 pairs non metallic tweezers
  8. 1 instruction manual
  9. 1 Book - Superconductivity by Jonathan L. Mayo
  10. 34 pairs of safety glasses
  11. 1 34 cm board
  • In a small plastic tub:
    1. 1 Pair of rubber gloves
    2. 1 Small funnel
    3. 1 Petri dish
    4. 1 Roll of String
    5. 1 Superconductor disk (looks like a large brass nut with wires)
    6. Several iron nails

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