Magnetic Stirrer and Miscellaneous Electronic Equipment Kit

Bar Code: 1140

Magnetic Stirrer

Electronic Equipment

Description: This kit contains a 0-24 volt power supply, voltmeter, wide band signal generator and hot plate/magnetic stirrer. The kit consists of one container of materials.


1 Large Storage Container. Within the Container:

  1. 1 Smaller Container. Within the smaller container:
    1. Hot Plate/Stirrer - Corning Model PC-162
    2. Magnetic Stirrer - Scienceware Cat. No. 37017-0000, Serial No. 793149
  2. Fisher Scientific EMD 224, 0-24 volt AC/DC Power Supply
  3. EMD 544121 Voltmeter
  4. Wide Band Signal Generator - EMCO Model RF-1
  5. Signal Generator Operation Manual

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