Heat Kit

Bar Code: 1395

Description: The activities in this kit allow students to explore heat as energy and to measure temperature. Activities focusing on hear transfer and insulation are also included.


1 container of materials

  1. Aluminum foil (12"x25')
  2. Masking tape (3/4"x60 yd)
  3. Plastic sandwich bags (pkg/80)
  4. White candle
  5. Cheese curls
  6. Hershey chocolate kisses (9 oz)
  7. Mini marshmallows (10 oz)
  8. Wood safety matches ( box/30)
  9. Jumbo paper clips ( box/100)
  10. Plastic wrap roll (50 sq ft)
  11. Twist tie 10 cm
  12. Bees wax sheet
  13. Test tube clamp
  14. Clear plastic cup 16 oz.
  15. Graduated medicine cup 30 ml.
  16. Clear marbles pkg/12
  17. Lead sinker 1 oz. pkg/12
  18. Wood heat stand
  19. Bimetallic strip w/hole
  20. SK borosilicate test tube 20x150 mm
  21. Aluminum thermal rod 4x1/8"
  22. Brass thermal rod 4x1/8"
  23. Glass thermal rod 4x1/8"
  24. Steel thermal rod 4x1/8"
  25. C thermometer metal v-black

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