Hair Analysis Kit

Bar Code: 1128

Description: Using this kit, students may learn to analyze and classify hair types. Microscopes or a video microscopy system are required. This kit is also useful for forensic science activities. It consists of one container of materials. Microscopes and/or video microscopy system are not included in the kit, but are available.


  1. (3) Hair Samples (A, B, and C)
  2. (13) 35 mm Slides
  3. (72) Microscope slides, 25 mm x 75 mm
  4. 1 oz. cover slips, 24 mm x 50 mm
  5. bottle fingernail polish
  6. bottle protex mounting medium
  7. bottle xylene
  8. Instructor's manual
  9. (12) Student diagram Charts
  10. (12) Examination #1 Student Worksheets
  11. (48) Examination #2 Student Worksheets
  12. (24) Student Manuals

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