Energy Transfer Kit

Bar Code: 1259

Description: This kit allows students to investigate the relationship between potential or stored energy and its release as kinetic energy (the energy of motion). An understanding of this relationship will guide students to an exploration of the principles behind temperature changes, energy conservation, and the workings of simple machines. Students will explore energy transfer using familiar materials and simple devices.


1 container of materials

  1. plastic bags (80)
  2. baking powder
  3. Hershey kisses
  4. Styrofoam cup
  5. jumbo paper clips (100)
  6. rubber bands
  7. plastic straws (30)
  8. Masking tape
  9. twist tie
  10. finishing washer
  11. polypropylene beaker
  12. wooden fulcrum
  13. paper clips (100)
  14. wooden ruler
  15. spring dial calibration
  16. vinegar
  17. wooden spoon
  18. plastic spoons (24)
  19. thermometer
  20. metric tape measure
  21. plastic vial with snap top (5 dram)
  22. teacher's guide


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