Electrical Circuits Kit

Bar Code: 1265

Description: Using this kit, students may learn how positive and negative charges interact with each other, conduct an experiment using a light bulb to observe electricity, and learn different types of circuits and how they work.


1 container of materials

  1. round balloons (35)
  2. D battery
  3. index cards
  4. wool cloth
  5. diode (LED)F. brass fasteners
  6. miniature lamp
  7. pepper packet
  8. salt packet
  9. steel wool pads
  10. masking tape
  11. insulated copper wire
  12. green wool yarn
  13. battery holder with fahnestock clips
  14. mini light socket with fahnestock clips
  15. switch with fahnestock clips
  16. wire cutter and stripper
  17. teacher's guide


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