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Description: The activities in this unit allows students to explore their world beyond earth. The sun, the nine planets of the solar system, the stars, and the forces which determine the position of these bodies in space.


1 box of materials

  1. Aluminum foil (12"x25')
  2. D Battery
  3. Clay Stick (113 g green)
  4. Styrofoam cup (6 oz.)
  5. Fishing line (25 yd 10 lb test)
  6. White glue (1.25 oz.)
  7. Construction paper (black 12x18" pkg/50)
  8. Crepe yellow paper
  9. Stars (pkg/500)
  10. Stirrer sticks (pkg/50)
  11. Adding machine tape
  12. Masking tape (3/4"x60 yd)
  13. Wiffle ball jr. size
  14. Wiffle ball softball size
  15. Plastic flashlight size D
  16. Single wave radiometer
  17. Metric tape measure
  18. Rigid tubing 6x.25" OD smooth ends
  19. Teachers guide

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