Land and Water

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Descprition: In Land and Water, students investigate the interactions between land and water. Using a stream table as their model, students observe how runoff causes stream formation; how ground water forms; how soil iseroded, transported, and deposited; and how water shapes land. Studentscreate hills, build dams, and grow vegetation. Miniature valleys, waterfalls,and canyons form in the stream tables as water flows over the soil. Studentsbegin toappreciate the vastness of stream systems by creating aerial diagramsof theirstreamtable results. The stream table also serves as a basisfor investigationsofthe water cycle. Through observing the model, manipulatingcertain partsofit, and testing interactions under various conditions,students discoverhowwater changes the shape of land and how land formations,in turn, affecttheflow of water. They apply the concepts they have learnedto photographsofland and water on earth.


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