Floating and Sinking Kit

Bar Code: 1201, 2267

Description: In Floating and Sinking, students investigate thephenomenon of buoyancy. They begin by making a spring scale with whichthey weigh various objects. They make clay boats, test the boats' buoyancy,and discover that altering the shape of the boats affects buoyancy. Studentsare then challenged to design a boat that has a certain loading capacity.These experimentsallow them to witness several surprising phenomena; forexample, some "floaters" are heavier than some "sinkers," and large objectsare not always heavierthan smaller objects. Students then turn their attentionto differences between objects placed in fresh water and in salt water.They construct a hydrometer that compares the levels at which objects floatin both types of water.


A. Teacher's guide
B. Equal arm balance
C. Marbles
D. Numerous items
Purple: Ser.#97-2501

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