Electric Circuits Kit

    Bar Code: 1211, 2266 

Description: In Electric Circuits, students are firstintroduced to the basic properties of electricity as they learn aboutelectric circuits and the parts of a light bulb. Next, students learnabout conductors andinsulators and about the symbols used torepresent the parts of a circuitin circuitdiagrams. Students alsoexplore different kinds of circuits, learnabout switches,constructa flashlight, and investigate the properties ofdiodes. Finally,students apply their knowledge and skills to wire a cardboardhouse.


A. Teacher's guide (1)
B. Student activity books (15)
C. Bag-O-Stuff (contains 9 small kits)
D. 30 Battery holders
E. 30 switch plates
F. 1 faulty mini bulb
G. 60 mini-light bulbs
H. #32 Nichrome wire
I. 60 D size batteries
J. 1 lb. green modeling clay
K. 8 rolls of masking tape
L. 2-60 watt brass base bulbs
M. #22 Wire and bag of wire pieces
N. Wire Stripper
O. Micro pliers
P. Automatic Wire Stripper
Q. 2 Flathead screwdrivers
R. 100 index cards
S. 15 Diodes
T. 2 boxes #1 paper clips
U. 2 boxes solid brass fasteners
V. 2 boxes #2 brass washers
W. boxes for kits
X. bag of Fahnestock chips
Y. Discovery Deck Green: Ser.#97-2601
Z. Cd-rom in spainsh in kit 3111



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