Ecosystems Kit

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Description: Students begin Ecosystems by setting up aterrarium in which they grow grass, mustard, and alfalfa plants. Thenthey add crickets and isopods. They also set up an aquarium intowhich they introduce snails, guppies, elodea, algae, and duckweed. Byconnecting the terrarium and aquarium, students are able to observethe relationship between the two environments and the organismsliving within them. Using test ecocolumns that contain only plants,students simulate the effects of pollutants&emdash;such as road salt,fertilizer, and acid rain&emdash;on an environment. Students then usea food-chain wheel to make inferences about the effects thesepollutants might have on their own miniature ecosystems. Later,students read about,explore, and discuss the Chesapeake Bay as amodel ecosystem. They analyzethis ecosystem from the viewpoint ofvarious users--waterman, dairy farmer,land developer, recreationalboater, and resident--and present their findingsto the class. Theactivity enables students to appreciate the trade-offs thatmust bemade to reach mutually acceptable solutions to environmentalproblems.


2 containers of materials

  1. Living material card set
  2. Teachers' guide
  3. Student activity book (15)
  4. Plastic funnel 6" (8)
  5. Aquarium thermometer
  6. Marking box/holding tank (15)
  7. Medium binder clips (15)
  8. Permanent marker (15)
  9. Knife
  10. Aqua gravel (3) 5 lb bags
  11. Droppers (8)
  12. Hand lens (15)
  13. Plastic cups 10oz (50)
  14. Plastic teaspoons (15)
  15. Plastic ruler (8) 12"
  16. Aquarium dip net (8)
  17. Fiberglass screens (15) 4x4"
  18. Soil 10 lb
  19. Rye seed
  20. Alfalfa seed
  21. Mustard seed
  22. Clear packing tape 2"
  23. Metric measuring spoon set (8)
  24. White vinegar 1 pt
  25. Plant fertilizer
  26. Salt 1 lb
  27. Roll pH test paper
  28. Clorout 2 oz.

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