Comparing and Measuring

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Descprition: In Comparing and Measuring, students explorethe concepts that underlie the science skills of comparing andmeasuring. The lessons are based on a developmental sequence thatincludes three activities: comparing, matching, and measuring.Initially, students compare lengths by matching measuring tape totheir own heights and the lengths of their arms and legs. They make the transition from matching to measuring length by quantifyingnonstandard units of measure (in this case, their own feet) anddiscover that using nonstandard units of measure produces variedresults. Finally, students use standard units of measure, such asUnifix Cubes™ and measuring strips, to measure height, width,and distance. Through these activities, students begin to understand key measuring concepts, such as using beginning and ending points, acommon starting line, and standard units of measure.


1 container of materials:

  1. Teacher's guide
  2. 15 rolls of pink adding machine tape
  3. 15 rolls of yellow adding machine tape
  4. Red matker
  5. Pack of 15 red flippers
  6. Pack of 15 blue flippers
  7. Pack of 30 9x12" resealble plastic bags
  8. Pack of 15 red crayons
  9. Pack of 15 blue crayons
  10. 36yd roll of 3/4" masking tape
  11. Pack of 250 wood coffee stirs
  12. Pack of 100 unsharpened pencils
  13. Pack of 100 plastic spoons
  14. Box of flat toothpicks
  15. Pack of 100 small wood spools
  16. Pack of 3x5" post-it notes
  17. 5 packs of 150 red unifix cubes
  18. 5 packs of 150 blue unifix cubes
  19. Mini blue storage container

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