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Descprition: In Changes, students expand theirunderstanding ofsolids, liquids, and gases by exploring changes instate. They investigatefreezing, melting, evaporation, andcondensation of water. In a sequence oflessons,students produce amixture of two solids and a mixture of solidswith liquidsandobserve the results. They work through several methods toseparatemixtures:sieving, filtration, evaporation, and chromatography. Thestudents set upraces that involve sugar dissolving in water andobserve theeffects of particlesize and water temperature on therate at which the sugardissolves. They alsoobserve crystals formedas a result of evaporation. Studentsobserve some changesthat occurimmediately and some that occur over time,and they begin torecognize the characteristics of chemical reactions. Theyinvestigaterusting, and they observe and collect the gas formed by mixinganeffervescent tablet in water. Students have several opportunities topracticetheir new skills in lessons in which they devise ways ofseparating a mysterymixture and plan and carry out investigationsthat involve other changes.


1 box of materials:

  1. Teacher's guide
  2. Pack of 15 paper trays
  3. Pack of 30 hand lenses
  4. Pack of 100 9oz plastic cups
  5. Pack of 45 9oz plastic lids
  6. Pack of 30 3.5oz plastic cups
  7. Pack of 60 1oz plastic cups
  8. Pack of 45 1oz plastic lids
  9. Pack of 54 effervescent tablets
  10. 2 ice cube trays
  11. Pack of 100 brass fasteners
  12. Pack of 50 4x6" heavy duty resealble bags
  13. Pack of 9 petri dishes
  14. 2 packs of 100 3x5" index cards
  15. Fine piont black permanent marker
  16. Black china marker
  17. Pack of 8 water-soluble markers
  18. Pack of 8 green water-soluble markers
  19. 2 insulated bottles
  20. Pack of 15 mearsuring spoons
  21. Pack of 250 wood coffee stirrers
  22. Pack of 15 6" mesh fabric squares
  23. Pack of 15 rubber bands
  24. Pack of 50 9x12" black construction paper
  25. Pack of 4 9x12" orange construction paper
  26. 5lb bag of aqua gravel
  27. Pack of 15 toilet paper sheets
  28. 3lb box of kosher salts
  29. 15 5" plastic funnels
  30. 2 packs of 40 No.4 coffee filters
  31. 10oz pack of granulated sugar
  32. Pack of 17 sugar cubes
  33. Pack of 15 dropper bottles
  34. Pack of black pepper
  35. 1gal white vinegar
  36. 16oz box of baking soda
  37. Pack of 16 steel wool pads
  38. Pack of 15 forceps
  39. Pack of 15 envelopes
  40. 4oz double-acting baking powder
  41. 1pt of lime juice
  42. Large blue storage container

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