Animal Studies

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Descprition: In Animal Studies, students care for andobservethree animals from different habitats--the dwarf Africanfrog, the fiddlercrab, and the land snail. Students learn about whatanimals need to survive,the primary parts of their anatomicalstructure, and the ways in which theyare suited for life in aparticular environment. Students create and maintainindividual logsin which they record their observations of each animal overtime.These observations focus on animal behavior, including methods forfoodgetting,movement, and protection. Toward the end of the unit,students applywhat theyhavelearned about structure, habitat,survival needs, and behaviorto studyafourth classroom animal: thehuman. They also conduct an animalresearchprojectand decide howthey will present their findings to the class.

Inventory:Box A:
Teacher's Guide
1 Living Materials Card Set
1 Aquarium Thermometer
1 Pack of 40 9oz plastic cups with slitted lids
8 1gal platic tank
8 Lids for 1gal plastic tank
1 Pack of 8 black china  markers
1 Pack of 8 Plastic Metric  Rulers
1 Pack of 16 2ox Plastic  Cups and Lids
1 Pack of 16 Plastic  Teaspoons
1 2oz Bottle of Tap Water  Conditioner
8 Aquarium Dip Net
1 Fish food
1 20g of Dried Bloodworms
1 Finepoint green permanent marker
1 Finepoint Black permanent marker
2 2x3" Post-it Notes Pad
16 1 1/2gal plastic tank
16 Lid for 1 1/2gal plastic  tank
4 5lb Bag of Marine Sand
8 Modles of Hairgrass
1 Finepoint Orange
Permanent Marker
1 Package of instant ocean
8 Square plastic water bowls
4 1/2oz Bag of crushed Oyster shell
1 12oz bag of pacific  planketon
1 Pack of 50 9X12" Black  construction paper
1 20gal Trash bag
1 Large Orange Storage  Container
Box B:
15 Student Activity Book
1 Pack of 30 Hand Lenses
8 3qt. Plastic Pail
8 Lid for 3qt. Plasitc Pail
8 2pt. Plastic Pail
8 Lid for 2qt. Plastic Pail
1 1.6L Bag of Humus
2 5lb Bag of Marine Sand
1 7L Bag of Carolina
Woodland Terrarium Soil
8 Plant Mister Bottle
8 Plant Mister Sprayer
1 Pack of 16 D-cell  Batteries
1 Large Orange Container
Box C:
1 Box of 6 5lb Bags of Aqua  Gravel

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