Animals Two by Two

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Description: The Animals Two by Two Module introduces youngstudents to a selection of organisms for comparison. In each activitystudents observe and describe the structures and behavior of anorganism to a similar one.Guppies and goldfish, land snails andwater snails, small earthworms and largenight crawlers, and pillbugsand sowbugs are maintained in the classroom overtime andinvestigated in centers by small groups of students. A fifth optionalactivity describes setting up an incubator in class to hatch chickeneggs.


1 drawer of materials:

  1. 4 6-L clear plastic basins
  2. 4 plastic basin covers
  3. Book, Animals Two by Two
  4. 16 4x12" cardboard pieces
  5. Chlorine remover
  6. 9 .5-L plastic containers
  7. 5 plastic container lids
  8. 10 plastic cup lids
  9. 25 9-oz.. plastic cups
  10. Fish food
  11. Fish net
  12. 2 fish tunnels
  13. Pad of post-it labels
  14. Roll of plastic wrap
  15. 4 11x17" race tracks
  16. Pack of 200 assorted shells
  17. 4 lb. bag of potting soil
  18. 10 vials with caps
  19. Set of 23 duplication masters
  20. Teacher guide
  21. Teacher preparation video

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