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Traveling Science and Mathematics Demonstrations Programs

Since February 1994, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center's (RPSEC) Traveling Science and Mathematics Demonstrations Program, with the assistance of volunteer scientists, engineers, and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Education Outreach Programs, has been on the road in the CSRA conducting mini-conferences to train K-12 teachers to use scientific equipment. The program provides access for K-12 teachers and students to science equipment that is generally unavailable in most schools and connects classroom science experiences with the outside world.

As part of the RPSEC Traveling Science and Mathematics Demonstrations Program, teachers are able to check out equipment kits as well as request classroom visits by scientists or engineers. Through STRAND (Scientists with Traveling Resources And Neat Demonstrations), a scientist or engineer will take a "neat" demonstration and/or hands-on activity to classrooms across the CSRA. To request a STRAND volunteer, please complete the STRAND Request Form. These kits are also used by National Engineer's Week Volunteers.



Available Resources

STRAND (Scientists with Traveling Resources and Neat Demonstrations)

You may also call us to make your reservations at 803-641-3683.

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