Circuit City
Children's Literature Connections

Title Author ISBN # Description
A Book About Benjamin Franklin Gross, Ruth 0-590-33739-4 Illustrated biography of Ben Franklin (64 pages)
A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin Adler, David 0-590-55906-0 This biography highlights Ben Franklin's inventions
Alexander Graham Bell McLeod, Elizabeth 0-439-13046-8 Bell's life, experiments, inventions, and accomplishments
All About Electricity Berger, Melvin 0-590-48077-4 Picture book explains what electricity is and how we use it
Always Inventing Murphy, Frank 0-439-32238-3 Easy reader; true story of Thomas Edison
Flicker Flash Graham, Joan 0-395-90501-X Illustrated shape poems about light
How Things Work Scholastic Reference 0-590-47530-4 Encyclopedia of inventions of interest to children
Incredible Inventions Griffiths, Nick 0-439-13718-7 Explores gadgets, devices, games, and wacky inventions
Inventions Madgwick, Wendy 0-439-35579-6 Kingfisher question and answer book with facts and illustrations
Inventions, Inventors and Ingenious Ideas Turvey, Peter 0-531-15713-X An illustrated history of inventions with timelines
Inventors from DaVinci to Biro Reid, Struan 0-590-62175-0 Usborne book describes historic inventions and how they work
Switch on, Switch Off Berger, Melvin 0-06-445097-X Picture book explains how electricity is made and how it works
The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin Giblin, James 0-439-22330-X Illustrated biography of Ben Franklin
The Hatmaker's Sign Fleming, Candace 0-439-07179-8 Retold version of a wise and funny Ben Franklin story
Toilets, Toasters, & Telephones Rubin, Susan 0-439-10492-0 The how and why of everyday objects
Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions Wulffson, Don 0-439-32339-8 How the Slinky, Lego, Silly Putty, Play Doh, etc were invented
What's Inside Great Inventions Dorling Kindersley 1-56458-220-5 Cross sectional photographs; how things work
What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? Fritz, Jean 0-698-20543-X Ben Franklin had lots of ideas and many inventions