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Minerals, Ores, and Fossil Fuels

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Minerals, Ores, and Fossil Fuels: Students learn to identify minerals by examining key properties of excellent specimens; then they identify 10 unknown minerals using a dichotomous key. Valuable products made from earth resources are discussed throughout the program.

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This lesson supports the following standards:


8-3.4 Explain how igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are interrelated in the rock cycle.
8-3.5 Summarize the importance of minerals, ores, and fossil fuels as Earth resources on the basis of their physical and chemical properties.

Social Studies

8-5.3 Summarize the changes that occurred in South Carolina agriculture and industry during the late nineteenth century, including changes in crop production in various regions, and the growth of the textile industry in the Upcountry.

Language Arts

8-2.1 Compare/contrast central ideas within and across informational texts.
8-3.2 Analyze the meaning of words by using Greek and Latin roots and affixes within texts.
8-2.6 Analyze information from graphic features (for example, charts and graphs) in informational texts.

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