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Mission to Mars

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Mission to Mars: Three years after Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars, we will take you on a “Mission to Mars” in the comfort of our planetarium. Launch videos will propel us from Earth; then we’ll zoom through space and watch a NASA animation of a rover landing on Mars. We’ll view Mars from Earth, from the Hubble telescope, from Voyager, from spacecraft still orbiting Mars, and from the cameras of the rovers on the surface of Mars. We’ll compare surface features, landforms and rock types on Mars with Earth’s geology and view the Martian night sky as we take a mission to Mars using NASA images and our Digistar projector.

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This lesson supports the following standards:


8-3.7 Illustrate the creation and changing of landforms that have occurred through geologic processes (including volcanic eruptions and mountain-building forces).
8-4.1 Summarize the characteristics and movements of objects in the solar system (including planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteors).
8-4.5 Explain how the tilt of Earth’s axis affects the length of the day and the amount of heating on Earth’s surface, thus causing the seasons of the year.

Language Arts

8-2.1 Compare/contrast central ideas within and across informational texts.
8-2.2 Compare/contrast information within and across texts to draw conclusions and make inferences.
8-2.6 Analyze information from graphic features (for example, charts and graphs) in informational texts.

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