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Circuit City

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Circuit City: Using batteries, bulbs, wires, motors, and propellers, students will construct electrical circuits. They will transform chemical energy to electrical energy, as well as transform electrical energy to light, heat, sound, and motion.

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This lesson supports the following standards:


6-5.2 Explain how energy can be transformed from one form to another (including the two types of mechanical energy, potential and kinetic, as well as chemical and electrical energy) in accordance with the law of conservation of energy.
6-5.4 Illustrate energy transformations (including the production of light, sound, heat, and mechanical motion) in electrical circuits.

Language Arts

6-2.4 Create responses to informational texts through a variety of methods (for example, drawings, written works, oral and auditory presentations, discussions, and media productions).
6-2.6 Interpret information from graphic features (for example, illustrations, graphs,
charts, maps, diagrams, and graphic organizers).


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