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CSI Solutions: Scotty Bassett’s dog is missing! Students will use chromatography and sifting to separate mixtures; use indicators to make solutions and identify a mystery substance; and examine hair and fiber samples with microscopes as they analyze evidence in a simulated crime scene investigation.

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This lesson supports the following standards:


7-5.6 Distinguish between acids and bases and use indicators (including litmus paper, pH paper, and phenolphthalein) to determine their relative pH.
7-5.7 Identify the reactants and products in chemical equations.
7-5.9 Compare physical properties of matter (including melting or boiling point, density, and color) to the chemical property of reactivity with a certain substance (including the ability to burn or to rust).
7-5.10 Compare physical changes (including changes in size, shape, and state) to chemical changes that are the result of chemical reactions (including changes in color or temperature and formation of a precipitate or gas).

Language Arts

7-2.1 Analyze central ideas within and across informational texts.
7-2.2 Analyze information within and across texts to draw conclusions and make inferences.
7-2.6 Analyze information from graphic features (for example, charts and graphs) in informational texts.
7-6.7 Use a variety of print and electronic reference materials.

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