Ravenous Raptors
Related Children's Literature

Title Author ISBN # Level Description
A Pair of Wings Singer, Marilyn 0-439-39087-7 Elementary Nonfiction picture book of birds, butterflies, and bats
Adopted by An Owl Van Frankenhuyzen, G. 1-585-36070-8 Elementary A boy steals an owlet from its nest but learns to care for it
All About Owls Arnosky, Jim 0-439-05852- x Elementary Nonfiction picture book; physical characteristics and habits
Barn Owl Tagholm, Sally 0-753-45606-0 Elementary A year in the life of a breeding pair of barn owls
Eagles (Zoobooks Series) Wexo, John Bonnett 0-937-93414-3 Elementary Gorgeous color photos and facts
Eyewitness: Eagles and Birds of Prey Parry-Jones, Jemima 0-789-45860-8 Elementary+ Gorgeous color photos and facts
First Field Guide: Birds National Audubon Society 0-590-05482-1 Elementary+ Reference book and field guide with facts and photographs
Raptor! A Kid's Guide to Birds of Prey Laubach, Christyna 1-58017-445-0 Elementary+ Comprehensive facts and photographs of hawks, owls, falcons
The Barn Owls Johnston, Tony 0-881-06981-7 Elementary Poetry with watercolor painting illustrations
The Book of North American Owls Sattler, Helen 0-039-590017-4 Elementary+ Physical features and habits, plus range maps of 21 owl species
The Secrets of Animal Flight Bishop, Nic 0-590-98483-7 Elementary Nonfiction; photographs and illustrations of birds and insects
There's An Owl in the Shower George, Jean Craighead 0-064-40682-2 Elementary In this chapter book, the son of a logger learns to care for an owl
Tiger with Wings: The Great Horned Owl Esbensen, Barbara 0-531-07071-9 Elementary Physical characteristics and behavior of Great Horned Owls