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Introduction to Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School
Langley-Bath-Clearwater started as a high school in 1952. A new high school opened in 1980, and LBC became a middle school in the 1980-1981 school year. LBC Middle school consists of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, with an enrollment of five hundred and eight students. As a middle school, Langley-Bath-Clearwater was organized to serve the communities of Langley, Bath, Clearwater, and Burnettown. Most of the families in these communities come from generations of textile workers; however, of the four major textile plants in the area, only one - Avondale Corporation - continues to operate, and that is at a reduced employment population. With the closing of the mills, the economy of the area suffered a severe downturn. The people of these communities can no longer rely on the local mills for employment and have had to start seeking work in neighboring communities; therefore, Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School has tried to reach out to the needs of the communities it serves by being committed to the education of the students in these communities and preparing them to cope with new and different economic opportunities.
During the last five years, three principals - Mr. Joe Padget, Mr. Byron Bowers, and Mr. Russell Gunter -- have served LBC. There have been three assistant principals - Mr. Julius Hadden, Mr. Russell Gunter, and Mr. David Yates. In the same time period, seventeen teachers have transferred to other schools, and fourteen teachers have come to LBC.
An active PTO provides encouragement and support to the school, students, and faculty. Airco Industries provides invaluable economic support as a partner-in-education.
Within a twenty mile radius are resources for cultural, religious, recreational, and educational opportunities, including three major colleges and two technical colleges. LBC has a variety of courses - core and exploratory - aimed at stimulating and challenging all students. There is also a variety of sports programs. Gifted and talented classes are offered, as well as classes for those students with special needs. There are three self-contained classes with an aide assigned to each class.
Two resource teachers serve students in the three grades. A speech clinician serves students with identified speech problems. A hearing specialist and a vision specialist serve those students who are visually or hearing impaired. A school nurse is available one half day each week to provide hearing, vision, and scoliosis screening as needed. Physical and occupational therapists are available on an as needed basis. Homebound instruction is available for students unable to attend school. Daytime and nighttime alternative schools are available for those students unable to function successfully in a regular classroom environment. LBC has striven to adhere to the middle school philosophy in an effort to benefit our students in terms of academic and personal growth and development.
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