Show Descriptions

graphic of bull and zodiac circle
Ancient Sky Lore
In this live show, the presenter points out constellations and stars while sharing enchanting tales involving heroes and maidens, herdsmen and a harp, and real and imaginary animals. Star stories from ancient cultures come to life on the planetarium dome!
Appropriate for all ages
picture of clouds from space
Blown Away: Wild World of Weather
Viewers will be blown away as they experience the fascinating world of weather in this planetarium show. Along with spectacular weather images, this program features a journey into space to explore the Sun's effect on weather. You will also travel through the water cycle with Drippy, the water drop, and meet news meteorologists who explain what causes weather. You'll learn about storm prediction and safety as you are swept into a thunderstorm, immersed in a hurricane, and caught up in a tornado!
Target audience: Ages 8 and up
picture of stars in a pink "dusty blanket"
Cruising Through the Constellations
"Cruise" through the heavens as your guide explains the names and locations of constellations and shares stories about them. Learn why the constellations seem to move and why they are divided into groups labeled circumpolar, seasonal and zodiac. You'll enjoy using what you learn in the planetarium as you go out and look at the real stars!
picture of a solar eclipse from California
Dark Shadows
To learn how “dark shadows” are related to the phases of the Moon and to solar and lunar eclipses, join us for this program! It includes stunning images, Digistar segments, hands-on activities, and an inspiring video of a total solar eclipse. In addition, you’ll learn when, where, and how to view the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017!
Target audience: ages 8 and up
graphic of space shuttle, fireworks and astronaut
Digistar "Laser" Fantasy
Enjoy the soothing music and parade of shapes that dance in front of you during this laser-like program. Some of the shapes pick up speed and give you the sensation that the planetarium is in motion! This show includes a tribute to American astronauts and ends with a patriotic display of fireworks.
Appropriate for all ages: fast-paced motion makes a few people slightly queasy
graphic of a satellite
Digistar Virtual Journey
Take an exciting journey using the power of Digistar! You'll drive through space with the "space truck," enter a virtual space station, and travel to places from the depths of imagination. This fast-paced trip includes a tour of a virtual amusement park and a "ride" on its roller coaster! You will be amazed by the wild ride you will experience.
Appropriate for all ages: fast-paced motion makes a few people slightly queasy
picture of ISS with Earth in the background
Engineering the International Space Station
This interactive show describes how 15 nations worked together to create the International Space Station (ISS), a unique scientific laboratory and home in space. A rap and animations explain how weight, mass, gravity and speed are related, and why astronauts are weightless on the ISS even though there IS gravity in space. Benefits to humanity of the ISS are also discussed.
Target audience: Ages 8 and up
picture of observatories in Mauna Kea
Explorers of Mauna Kea
Join the "explorers" who work in the world-class observatories on Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on Hawaii. Learn about volcanoes and the unique conditions that make Mauna Kea one of the best observing sites on Earth. You'll be "transported" to different latitudes on Earth to view the night sky and use small mirrors to make a model of a reflecting telescope.
Target audience: Ages 8 and up
illustration of a family fleeing slavery at night under the Big Dipper
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Learn how slaves used astronomy and song to escape the bondage of slavery and travel along the Underground Railroad to Canada. Slaves would develop songs that contained a secret code to help them travel to freedom in the north. Hear how the words of the song "Follow the Drinking Gourd" provided clues to help the slaves. Then, follow one family on its treacherous journey to Canada. Planetarium patrons will have an opportunity to sing along with the song and learn that the Drinking Gourd is another name for the Big Dipper. Other common constellations will also be discussed.
Appropriate for all ages: some content might make young children uneasy
diagram of how eyes work and how a camera obscura works
I Spy the Sky
Spy the daytime sky and people outside through the camera obscura, then spy the nighttime sky on the planetarium dome. Learn while you play "I Spy!"
illustration of Fred Penner sitting on a star
In My Backyard
What can you see from your backyard? Join acclaimed family entertainer Fred Penner as he helps answer this question in an interactive program with three original songs (from his ninth album "What a Day"). This show begins with Fred greeting the audience and introducing his helper, Arnie the Arrow. Then it's off to explore things large and small in Fred's backyard -- from the colors of the rainbow to counting ladybugs on a rose. After looking at the reasons for the seasons, the stars begin to appear as Fred sings "We're Going to Shine." Arnie points out the Big Dipper -- but wait -- it's really a bear we're looking at! Following a story about Callisto and Arcus, we snap our fingers to the beat of the planet poem, see some meteors whiz by, and sing along to "The Moon Song." The show ends with the song "In My Backyard" and Fred's goodbye to the audience. Children will enjoy story telling, poetry, and song as they learn about the seasons, constellations, planets, meteors and the Moon.
Target audience: young families and the young at heart
close up illustration of part of a cell
Journey into the Living Cell
With this show we extend our planetarium presentations from the vastness of outer space to the wonder and intricacy of inner space - the living cell! "Journey into the Living Cell" provides a stimulating encounter with the amazing structure and function of the cell.
illustration of a cat in an astronaut suit
Larry Cat in Space
This is a playful presentation about an inquisitive cat who takes a trip to the Moon. At the beginning of the show we meet Larry and his human family. We learn of their interest in the stars and the moon. Larry's special human companion is Diana, who must leave Larry so that she can take a job on the moon as a lunar geologist. Larry misses Diana and finds a way to smuggle himself on board a space plane. He makes a stop on the space station Freedom and eventually gets into a lunar shuttle. He finds Diana, meets the other inhabitants, and learns about life on the moon. Throughout the show, Larry gives us a cat's view of the moon, backyard astronomy, space travel, and what is it like to live on the moon. Then, learn how humans really got to the Moon as we view NASA images of the Apollo missions.
Target audience: young families and the young at heart
picture of the planet Mars
Mission to Mars
Join us on a Mission to Mars in the comfort of our planetarium! Launch videos will propel us from Earth; then we'll zoom through space to Mars using NASA images and our Digistar projector. Learn about space travel; compare the surface features and rock types on Mars with Earth's geology; and view the Martian night sky!
Appropriate for all ages
graphic of the silhouette of people looking through telescopes at night
More than Meets the Eye
In this great introduction to astronomy, mysteries of outer space are revealed as naked-eye views of objects in the sky are compared with views through binoculars and telescopes. Using the special capabilities of the DuPont Planetarium, learn about the night sky and how to identify a few constellations, nebulae and galaxies. You will also learn about the Moon and neighboring planets in the solar system. You'll realize there is "More than Meets the Eye" in the night sky as you observe planets, nebulae, galaxies and stars in ways you have not seen them before.
Target audience: Ages 8 and up
Illustration of wreath and text "'Tis the Season"
Season of Light
Seaons of Light (Also known as 'Tis the Season) is a spectacular show about the season that holds some of the warmest and brightest celebrations of the year. It is also the coldest and darkest of seasons. Tracing the development of many of the world's endearing holiday customs, and how they light up the winter season, we portray everything from the burning Yule log and sparkling Christmas tree lights to the lighting of the Menorah and luminaries. Season of Light also recounts the historical religious and cultural customs practiced during the time of winter solstice, including Christian, Jewish, Celtic, Nordic, Roman, Egyptian and Hopi. We explore the possible astronomical explanations for a "Star over Bethlehem" including comets, meteors, novae, supernovae, and planetary conjunctions. The show also takes a look at some of our more light-hearted seasonal traditions: gift-giving, kissing under the mistletoe, songs about lords a-leaping and ladies dancing, the custom of decking the halls with greenery and candles, and Santa Claus. We also catch a few Northern winter constellations, and illustrate how the seasons are caused by the Earth's tilt and orbit around the Sun. This show, produced by Lochness Productions, is narrated by Noah Adams, host of National Public Radio's "All Things Considered".
Appropriate for all ages
illustrations of crew members on a mission in space
Solar System Adventure Tour
Become a Planet Specialist, Math Expert or Flight Engineer while your planetarium "spaceship" takes you on an educational adventure past the Sun, Moon, and planets of our Solar System. We need you to have a successful mission!
Appropriate for all ages
illustration of people star gazing with some constellations labeled
Star Stories
Using a 3-D model, we show how the Sun, Earth and Moon are related in space. Then, we connect the stars on the planetarium dome to make constellations and share some of the stories about them. We also discuss the difference between stars and "shooting stars."
Illustration of wreath and text "'Tis the Season"
'Tis the Season
See "Season of Light" above. Season of Light is the original name for this popular holiday show, and December 'Tis the Season for you to come see it.
Appropriate for all ages
illustration of planets in space
The Voyager Encounters
View stunning images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and share in the discoveries made by the Voyager spacecraft as they flew by these planets. Find out how the Voyagers collect data and return it to Earth. Finally, hear part of the "Message to the Universe" that the Voyagers are currently carrying beyond the solar system!
picture of the Earth and Moon from space
To the Moon and Beyond
Experience the exciting adventures of Apollo astronauts on the Moon with young Carol and her dad. Learn what prompted the Race to the Moon, and become better acquainted with the attributes of Earth's natural satellite. Then, discover how NASA plans to send humans back to the Moon, Mars, and beyond! You may be inspired to join this quest! This program features the voices of Mary Morrison of WJBF in Augusta, GA (narrator), Tony Baughman of WKSK 92.7 FM (Dad), Moriah Melvin (young Carol), and Laura Melvin (Dr. Carol Bradford).
Target audience: Ages 8 and up
This show kit is available for planetariums.
picture of an ancient astronomer looking through small pieces of glass
Two Small Pieces of Glass
Celebrate the work of those who used telescopes during the past 400 years. The largest observatories in the world use these instruments to explore the mysteries of the universe. Join two young people at a star party as they learn how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. A local astronomer teaches them how telescopes work and how the telescope has changed from Galileo's modified spyglass - using two small pieces of glass - to the huge, space and land-based devices of today, like NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.
picture of a comet
Worlds in Motion
Discover how the Earth and other objects move through space, how fast you are moving right now, and how there is no such thing as a total couch potato. From the atoms in the air to the dance of the planets, everywhere you look, ours is a universe on the move.
Target audience: Ages 8 and up