Planetarium Show Kit for "To the Moon and Beyond"

Produced by the DuPont Planetarium at the University of South Carolina Aiken

Review your knowledge of the moon and celebrate NASA's fifty years in space. This program revisits past missions to the moon and discusses what was learned from the Apollo missions' heroic adventures. Current and future explorations of the moon are detailed. Learn more about the characteristics of our closest neighbor in space and explore why we need to return to Earth's only natural satellite, maybe even to stay!

Show kit includes

Featuring the voices of:

Right click (or Control-click for one button mice) to download the video file (90 MB, 4 minutes)

For more information contact, Darlene Smalley at or 803-641-2842

Picture of Earth and Moon from space Picture of an astronaut on the Moon with the American flag Picture of the Moon landing with space craft and rover and astronaut Picture of the planet Mars

Above images courtesy of NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute