Wetlands Ecology

BIO 772H

Instructors: Dr. Harold Ornes and NRSMEEP Staff

Course Credit: 3 Semester Hours

Dates: August 25- December 10, 1998

Times: Tuesdays, 4:00-6:50

Location: TBA

Course Summary: Wetlands is a course in Science for teachers. Wetlands history, hydrological conditions, chemistry, social impacts of Wetlands and their role as ecotones will be studied. Participants will design projects that can be used in their own classes. Both lecture and lab components of the course are embedded with assessment techniques designed to evaluate student skills and learning (details and examples attached).

Text: Mitsch, W.J., Gosselink, J.G. 1993. Wetlands, Second Edition, Van Nostrand Reinhold. New York 642 pp.

Methods of Evaluation: Traditional quizzes, a project resulting in written and oral presentations, and a comprehensive final exam will be used to evaluate student performance. There are no make-up lecture exams unless a documented, excusable reason is presented, for example: doctor’s bill or statement, tow truck bill, police report, etc. There will be no lab make-ups.

Attendance: To receive credit for the course, you may not miss more than two lectures or 1 field trip, whether the absences are excused or not excused. A missed class will cause your final point value to be reduced.

If you have a learning or physical disability which might affect your performance in this class, please inform the instructors and Dr. Xanthia Harkness, Coordinator of Counseling Services, as soon as possible in order to verify your status and provide you with the appropriate assistance.

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