South Carolina 2014 Science Standards

Intro to NEW SC Academic Science Standards and Practices (PPT=711KB)

Poster of Crosscutting Concepts

Poster of Science and Engineering Practices

Traveling Science and Mathematics Demonstrations Program



The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center provides sessions that will help teachers to investigate the South Carolina Academic Standards and Performance Indicators for Science. SISSI will enable teachers to engage with lessons that incorporate Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and CrossCutting Concepts (CCCs), which are foundational to the new standards. SISSI is comprised of 4 days of activities for a period of 6 hours per day. The first day will devote significant time to investigating the new approach to the science standards with other time participating in engaging hands - on activities that address the standards. The other three days will touch on the approach, but will spend more time working with activities focused on implementing the South Carolina science standards.