Here is the famous 242 lb pumpkin. It was deliverd to South Carolina by its grower, Ron Senn (see below). Ron and Karen drove over 30 hours and stayed in South Carolina for 26 hours. They said that was about all that they could take of the hot weather.

This is Ron. See Ron wave. See Ron smile. See Ron with a hat covering his bald head.

Ryan and keryn are entertaining Uncle Ron. Oops! What happened to the hat?

Well, the pumpkin only lasted a few weeks. Here are some after shots.

While this is not related to the pumkin, many have asked if Ryan enjoys studying.

Here is Keryn playing the piano.

Here is the dog, Abram, with his cast. It was broken late one night while he was outside. It cost over $200. It was almost considered a terminal illness but part of the fee was licensing and annual shots.

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