20th anniversary trip - March 7 - 17, 2005

In celebration of 20 years of Marriage, Gary and Mandy Senn took a trip to Hungary. Gary gave Mandy the option to go anywhere in the world and Mandy chose Hungary because her maternal grandparents came from there.

Read the details about various chapters of the trip. For each chapter, there is a WWW page that includes some pictures. There is also a text file in PDF format and no pictures.


See the many, many, many pictures taken during the trip.

Here is the trip to Hungary including the interesting activity during the flight and eggs Gary's way.

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Travelling in Hungary using public transportation as seen through the experiences of the Senns.

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The trip to the Libego - (Chair Lift).

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The trip to Miskolc and the Bath. The idea of bathing in public was not appealing so Gary went on a hike.

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The plane trip home.

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