Gary & Mandy Senn in Greece

Celebration trip - May 15 - 27 (well, 30th), 2007

It was 10 years ago that Mandy was first diagnosed with cancer. In celebration of and deeper appreciation for the gift of life, Gary & Mandy took a trip to Greece. They had a wonderful time on the Greek Island of Santorini and in Athens. The last days were spent in Paris. They had the wonderful opportunity to extend their stay in Paris for three days because their passports were stolen. They were very happy to return home after the passport ordeal. Please enjoy reading some of the details below.

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Senn's trip to Greece and Paris. Dates and links.
5/15/2007 Departure - Attempt number 1 False Start Pictures
5/16/2007 Departure - Successful attempt Travel Pictures
5/17/2007 Arrival - Island of Santorini Fira Santorini Pictures
5/18/2007 Santorini Stairs Cable Car
5/19/2007 Tour - Volcano, Therasia, Oia, RAIN Tour Pictures
5/20/2007 Santorini Pictures
5/21/2007 Santorini Pictures
5/22/2007 Santorini Pictures
5/23/2007 Travel - Athens. Temple of Zeus, Acropolis, Mars Hill Pictures
5/24/2007 Greece Pictures
5/25/2007 Travel - Paris Pictures
5/26/2007 Stolen Wallet Pictures
5/27/2007 Paris Pictures
5/28/2007 Paris Pictures
5/29/2007 Emergency Passports Obtained Pictures
5/30/2007 Trip home One picture - August 2007