Family Tree

Alaska Cruise June 2010
Bob and Pat Gold- 50th Anniversary Cruise - November 11-16, 2008
Greece and Paris May 2007. This includes the time when Gary was pick-pocketed
Mandy & Gary in Hungary - 20th Anniversary, 2005
Keryn goes to a formal dinner party for 16 year olds. 1/31/04
Winter Storm January 2004
Winter Storm January 2002
Christmas in Connecticut 2001
Christmas in Melbourne (and Aiken) 2001
Thanksgiving in Melbourne 2001
Vacation in Ormand Beach, FL November 2001
Trip to Melbourne July 2001
Trip to Table Rock State Park June 7-9, 2001
Cruise November 2000
Orbann Reunion July 2000
Ginger Arrives August 1997
A visit to New Jersey June 1996
A visit TO Connecticut June 1996
The Great Pumpkin Arrives! October 1996
Some Family Pictures Spring 1996
A visit from Connecticut Grandparents Senn come to South Carolina (5/3-5/7/96)

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