Ecology of New England

Class Photos Summer 2000

The group of pictures below are the show case pictures that were put onto the internet while the class was in progress. Below this group of picutres is a set of links to other pictures that were taken on the trip.

Show Case Pictures

Cape Cod
Plymouth & Whales
Barbara Howerton
Barbara Howerton
Becky Patterson
Becky Patterson
Bedroom in CT 1
Bedroom in CT 2
Celeste Walton
Celeste Walton
Darlene Smalley
Darlene Smalley
Diane Packer
Diane Packer
Picnic at Burlingame State Park in RI
Tractor ride in CT
Watching the Dolphin
Watching Penguins
Before Camping Shot
National Seashore Visitor's Center
Trail Sign
On the Beach
On the Beach again
Doane Rock - A glacial deposit
At Marconi Radio Site
Enjoying the Marsh
The Marsh again
Returning to the van
Their humble leader
Plymouth Rock
Mayflower II
Princess - Whale ship
Barbara & Celeste wet
Celeste wet
Humpback Whale
Humpback Tail
Lobster dinner - Maine

Mount Washington
Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam
VT, CT & Travel
Mt Washington trail sign
How steep can it get?
Lake of the Clouds Hut
Dinner at Lakes of the Clouds Hut
Becky & Diane
Top of Mt Washington
Diane at a lake
Follow this guy?
They made it

Cairns - stone piles that mark the trail above the tree line

Barbara on the Boat
Becky pontificating
On the dock
At the trail head
On the trail
Tree identification
Animal in the tree?
Darlene Tears borrowed Pad
Snapping Turtle and Barbara
Squam Lake - On Golden Pond
West Rattlesnake
Old Man in the Mt.
Becky at Coolidge St. Park
Diane at Coolidge St. Park
In the ferns
Pringle's Potato Chips trick 1
Pringle's Potato Chips trick 2
In the CT bog
Finished with the last hike
Becky & Diane
Celeste & Darlene



Other Trip Picture

Cape Cod


Mass & Maine


New Hampshire

Rhode Island


White Mountains

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