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Since February 1994, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center Traveling Science Demonstrations Program, with the assistance of volunteer scientists, engineers, and WSRC Educational Outreach Programs, has been on the road in the CSRA conducting mini-conferences to train K-12 teachers to use scientific equipment. The program provides access for K-12 teachers and students to science equipment that is unavailable in most schools. It helps connect classroom science experiences with the outside world.

As part of the RPSEC Traveling Science Demonstrations Program, teachers are able to check out equipment kits as well as request classroom visits by scientists or engineers. Through STRAND (Scientists with Traveling Resources And Neat Demonstrations), a scientist or engineer will take a "neat" demonstration (sometimes hands-on) to classrooms across the CSRA.

Traveling Science Demonstrations Program Kits

Agar Air and Water Air Track Astronomy
Balancing and Weighing Bell, Buzzer, and Switch Circuit Board Compasses
Chemical Tests Cuisenaire for Grade 3 Cuisenaire for Grades 6-8 D Cell Batteries
Dice Dinosaur Foot Casting Dissecting Dissolved Oxygen
Earth, Sun, and Moon Earthly Interactions Ecosystems Electric Circuits
Electrical Circuits Electricity Discovery Electricity Energy
Energy Sources Energy Transfer Evolution of Dinosaur Teeth Experiments with Plants
Fiber Optics Fingerprint Analysis Floating and Sinking Food Chemistry
Fossils through Time Franklin's Forecaster Free Fall/Gravity Groundwater Simulation
Hair Analysis Hand Generator Heat Helium Laser
Interactions Kitchen Kapers Holography Insect Drawers
Light Optics Magnetic Stirrers Magnetism/Electric Models Magnets
Magnets and Motors Magnifying Glasses Map and Compass Clinic Master Forensics
Marble Mania Measuring Time Mechanics Meteorology
Microworlds Organisms Physical Science Charts Prespectives from Space
Protective Goggles Plant Growth Radioactivity Rocks and Minerals
Science Sharks & Dolphins Simple Machines Simple Machine Discovery
Soils Sound Sound Discovery Sound Science
Start Making Sense Static Electricity Stereomicroscopes Stereoscope
Student Battery Testers Student Dry Cells Student Microscopes Student Optics
Telescope The Life Cycle of Butterflies TI Viewscreen
TI-80 Calculators TI-80 Viewscreen TI-82 Calculators Traffic Lights
Video Microscope Weather

Those that are most developed are in bold text.

Forms for requesting a visit by a scientist/engineer and for checking out a kit are available by contacting Ms. Harriet Hare at 648-6851, ext. 3474 or All requests for classroom visits must be made in writing. Visits are limited to 8 hours per month per school.

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