Staff Additions

The RPSEC welcomes Yvonne Kling as the new program specialist. Yvonne is a graduate of USC Aiken and has worked with the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory Educational Outreach for the past few years. Yvonne will be in charge of teaching most of the CenterŐs K-12 student programs. The next time you are at the Center, please make it a point to introduce yourself to Yvonne and welcome her to the RPSEC family. In addition, we are proud to announce the growth of the NRSMEEP staff to include Ms. Sonya Thomas, Ms. Teddy Shuler, and Mr. Norm Rischbieter. Sonya is the pleasant voice you hear when you call. Her organizational skills and expertise in scheduling will make it possible for all of your classes to continue to be handled in a personal and professional manner. Teddy comes to us from Oconee County and has taught in the public schools for twenty-one years. She has designed curriculum and taught classes for several environmental education organizations throughout the state. She will begin teaching classes in September. Norm has taught in the Aiken County Public Schools for the past six years. His background in forest engineering and his strengths in the technologies will add new dimensions to the programs offered through NRSMEEP. His classes will also begin in September.

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