Quantitative Literacy in Elementary & Middle Schools (SMED 796F - Spring 1996)

Instructor: Ms. Gwen Johnson

Location: TBA Times: TBA Dates: TBA Office Hours: By Appointment: 648-6851 Course Description: Students will be involved in motivational, hands-on actvities designed to teach them the content of statistics and teaching methodologies that are appropriate for grades K-8. They will learn to formulate questions about a problem and investigate the problem by gathering, organizing, representing, describing, and interpreting data. Sessions on statistical inference will include sampling techniques, planning a survey or experiement, and discussion about the role of statistics in society. Data will be generated with devices that produce random outcomes from random number tables, or by using calculators, or computers. Students will explore fair and unfair games. Experiences in this course will give students concrete models that may be used to implement the NCTM Standards, the SC Curriculum Framework in Mathematics and the statistics guidelines recommended by the American Statistical Association.

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