Microcomputers and Instruction

EDTE 531

Microcomputers and Instruction
EDTE 531

Instructor: Dr. Gary J. Senn

Location: TBA (in Allendale area)

Times: 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm, Tue. & Thu.

Dates: September 26 - November 21, 1995

Office Hours: By Appointment: 648-6851

Text: Assorted reference materials provided by instructor.

Other Materials: Two 3.5 inch computer disks

Registration fee: $75 (after acceptance in course)

Course Description: This course, part of a two year project funded by the SC CHE, is designed to incorporate computer technology into the classroom. Upon completion of the course, teachers may borrow the Mobile Instructional Computer Classroom (MICC) to use in their classrooms. This course is open to any teacher interested in learning how to use computer technology in the classroom. No previous computer experience is necessary. About half way through the teacher course, a student project will begin for fourth through eighth grade students. A limited number of classes will be selected from among the teachers involved in the course. Portable, Macintosh PowerBook computers will be brought to individual classes where students will participate in computer related activities. To register, contact Graduate Regional Studies, USC Salkehatchie, 584-3446, or the RPSEC.

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