A cadre of sixteen teachers of mathematics and science from Aiken, Allendale and Barnwell counties participated in a Curriculum Leadership Institute (CLI) sponsored by the CSRA HUB. These were teachers who demonstrated excellence in leadership skills and leadership in their respective teaching disciplines. Unlike courses or seminars in the traditional sense, the CLI was an opportunity for the teachers to model and share their expertise in successful teaching practices, to reflect on these practices, and to research areas of professional interest. In addition to demonstration lessons, sessions on inquiry-based activities, alternative assessments, and technology in the math and science classroom were conducted. The technology sessions included HyperCard, Sensornet, and the use of the graphics calculators. Sessions on Global Positioning Systems and Soil Analysis were presented at Westinghouse Savannah River Company. The Institute concluded with the teachers and some of their administrators participating in a four-day Leader 1 2 3 seminar. The Leader 1 2 3 seminar, through simulations and performance coaching, is a national model designed to develop leadership skills that teachers identify in self-assessment activities as essential to the improvement of math and science programs. Participating in the CLI were teachers from the following schools: Rosalyn Barton and Celeste Brockington, South Aiken High; Kenneth Bell and Janice Cave, Fairfax Elementary; Stephanie Brown and Karen Cue, Kelly Edwards Elementary; Bonnie Dunbar and Nancy Martin, Millbrook Elementary; Denise Gregory, Spirit Creek Middle; Taffy Hall and Regina Shealy, Schofield Middle; Brenda Nettles, Macedonia Elementary; Harriet Pritchard, Blackville-Hilda High; Virgina Stephens, Aiken Elementary; Richard Valiquette, Aiken High; and Nickole Westbrook, North Augusta Elementary. The teacher participating in the CLI and the schools they represented are: Michelle Conner, Principal, Millbrook Elementary; Rosie Berry, Principal, Schofield Middle School; Marion Gary, Assistant Principal, South Aiken High School; Margaret Matheny, Coordinator Chapter 1, Barnwell Elementary School, and Sheila Leath, Curriculum Coordinator, Allendale County Schools. The Institute was held at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center at USCA. It was one of thirteen CLIs presented by the thirteen hubs established across South Carolina as part of the Statewide Systemic Initiative. Follow-up sessions with the teachers are planned for this school year and next summer. These teachers will have an opportunity to become resource people at their schools and schools within the HUB regions.

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