SEPUP Followup Workshop


Teachers who have participated in the SEPUP summer workshops during the past three summers will have an opportunity to learn a new chemistry unit. Participants will investigate uses of various commercial food additives--for changing color or flavor, for increasing the nutritional content, to prevent microbial decay, or for changing the existing chemical and physical properties of food. On November 1, 1997, 8:00-4:00 PM, at the RPSEC, Pam Ferris will present a followup workshop on the module entitled Chemicals in Foods: Additives. Olin Corporation of Augusta and RPSEC are co-sponsoring this project. Hands-on materials for five classroom teachers are being provided by Olin. Hands-on modules for the summer workshops were provided by Westinghouse Savannah River Company and Sargent-Welch Company.

South Carolina Maps and Aerial Photographic Systems

SCMAPS Workshop


The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center completed a 10-hour (Friday night - Saturday) SCMAPS Workshop for first time users from five CSRA middle schools. The program is designed for middle school cooperative teaching settings involving science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts. Interdisciplinary teams from Blackville, Guinyard Butler, Williston-Elko, Ridge Spring-Monetta and JET Middle Schools attended the September 26-27th workshops. Participanting schools received over $700 in classroom materials and extensive experience with using topographic, lithographic, relief, and highway maps in the four core subjects. Teachers' comments about SCMAPS workshops include:

"I learned so much information that I didn't even know existed."

"I really enjoyed all hands-on activities. I especially loved the [magnetic] compass game."

"As a first year teacher and a SC History teacher, this is an informative class. I can use the

geography activities and history in my class."

"The activities are wonderful and can be adapted."

"I liked tracing the Flight Path of a Cessna and doing the navigation activity."

The interdisciplinary instructional team included classroom teachers from LBC Middle School (Patty Toepke, mathematics; Denise Boatwright, science), Schofield Middle School (Mark Roberts, History), and the director of the Natural Resources Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education Program (Norm Rischbieter). A follow-up workshop for school teams that have already completed the introductory workshop will be offered in the Spring if requested by enough schools. Inquiries may be made by contacting Gwen Johnson at 648-6851, extension 3313.

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