New Student Programs


Nine (9) new student programs have been added to the 1997-98 offerings. Two of these are planetarium programs, three are computer or laser disc programs, and four are hands-on classroom programs. Journey into the Living Cell, a new planetarium program, provides an opportunity for fourth to twelth grade students to be introduced to the parts and functions of the basic unit of life. The details and fantastic graphics included in the program reinforce what middle and high school students already know and takes them beyond to more advanced topics. Through concrete analogies, the program helps students internalize their understanding of complex functions of cell organelles. Journey into the Living Cell is currently showing. The Voyager Encounters, a second new planetarium show, will begin in January.

Computer Graphics Explorations, Math Explor-ations on the Computer, and the Great Ocean Rescue will expose students to technologies that are often not available in classrooms. Students will be able to use their creative talents and problem solving skills as they master the challenges presented in these programs.

In the RPSEC classroom, upper elementary and middle school students will be able to explore plane geometry using mirrors and miras in a program called "Mira, Mira" on the Wall. In the program, Measuring a Million they will explore length, area, and volume while using ping-pong balls and paper to conceptualize a million. Students of all ages will learn the importance of plants to life on earth in the Plants: Primary Producers program. Bird Beaks and Bones will help students understand adaptations that make birds uniquely suited for flight and a diverse range of habitats.

Last year the hands-on students programs at the Center involved 17,603 students. Teachers have already made reservations for over 21,000 student-visits for the 1997-98 school year. To assist with instructions, the Center employs USC Aiken pre-service teachers and a recent USCA Biology graduate, Sean Poppy. The names of these undergraduates appear on page 2 of this newsletter.

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