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NRSMEEP Workshop Survey

GLOBE training, natural resources math and measurements, technology, using data-collecting equipment, bird activities field trips, soils, compass navigation, maps and watershed, and Project WILD were among the top staff development requests from one hundred teachers responding to a recent NRSMEEP survey. Weekdays were slightly more popular than Saturday if substitute teachers' pay was covered, and Tuesday was the favorite weekday.

Three fourths of the teachers had no special preference as to where the workshop is held, but a majority did want workshop materials correlated to recognized math and science standards. These results have been used in planning this year's NRSMEEP offerings. The staff sincerely appreciates the input of those who responded.

1997 - 1998 Fall Workshop Schedule

Nov. 19 - 21

South Carolina Science Council Conference NRSMEEP staff will present and lead a field trip to Folly Beach at this Charleston Conference.


Christmas Bird Counts These field trips in Aiken and McCormick counties, SRS, and other parts of the CSRA are led by trained birders, including NRSMEEP staff, to census winter birds. It's a great chance for teachers to learn!

Jan. 9 & 10 &

GLOBE Training All four full days are required to become a certified GLOBE teacher.


Project WILD (See October 14 description.)

Jan. 12 - April 27, 1998

Wetlands Ecology......graduate level course taught by Dr. Ornes with assistance of NRSMEEP staff (GLOBE will be included as a special project for teachers who choose to take it.)

March 13 & 14

Environmental Education Association of South Carolina Spring Conference to be held here in Aiken......hosted by NRSMEEP and Millbrook Elementary teachers (Look for some super sessions!)

May 9

International Migratory Bird Day......field trips to collect bird data, here and worldwide (Teachers are encouraged to participate.)

Summer 1998

GLOBE Institute.....graduate level course taught by NRSMEEP staff

Dates Not Yet Confirmed

Workshops associated with grants, to be held at individual school campuses (Fairfax, Jefferson, Copeland, and Millbrook Elementary Schools)


Call Debbie Lindsay at 803-725-0070 for information and application materials.

Newsletter Fall '97


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