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We are pleased to announce that the South Carolina Center of Excellence in Educational Technology (CEET) will be housed at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center. The CEET is made possible through a grant from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Dr. Gary J. Senn is the "Director" of the CEET, Dr. Thomas J. C. Smyth is the "Director of Faculty Training" and John Hutchens is the "Educational Technologies Specialist" (read more about John on page 3).

The purpose of the centers of excellence grant program is to enable institutions to serve as "state-of-the-art" resource teacher preparation programs. These "resource centers" develop model programs, conduct research, disseminate information, and provide training for K-12 and higher education personnel in the center's specific area of expertise. Center activities must focus on pre-service preparation programs but include staff development activities as well.

The main purpose for the CEET is to help incorporate educational technology into the classroom. Educational technology is defined as hardware and software associated with multimedia computer systems. Specifically, this includes: computer systems, printers, storage media (CD ROM, hard disks, removable storage, laser videodisc), audio visual devices (scanners, cameras, sound capture/generation) and networking (LAN, WAN, Internet).

In order to ensure that all of our South Carolina students have an opportunity to learn to use technology as a tool, preservice and inservice teachers must have adequate preparation and experience so that they can use technology with their students. With a growing emphasis on technology, it is vital that institutions that prepare teachers for South Carolina schools include technology as a fundamental component of their curriculum. It is also important to provide learning experiences for inservice teachers so that they can incorporate the technology into their classrooms.

The CEET will establish model technology programs, work with faculty at South Carolina's teacher preparation institutions, incorporate technology in preservice teacher education programs, provide inservice staff development opportunities, maintain a WWW presence and operate a state-of-the-art educational technology facility.




Compile an understanding of current uses and methods of incorporating educational technology in the classroom.

Incorporate educational technology into content specific instructional methods courses for preservice teachers.

Develop a program where preservice teachers receive hands-on experience in using educational technology with K-12 students.

Offer courses and workshops to inservice teachers that provide experience in using technology in the classroom.

Develop a teacher resource center and multimedia laboratory to showcase educational technology.

Establish a WWW site as a means of disseminating educational technology information and maintain a WWW presence for the other Centers, as necessary.

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