Traveling Demos Update

This past school year, a total of 184 requests were received for classroom visits by volunteer scientists and engineers. 141 of these were completed and 7,989 students were served through this program. Eight teacher workshops including 30 schools and 413 teachers were conducted. During the summer, lesson plans were written for each of the kits and included background information as well as at least one lesson on each level. Teachers and volunteers continue to check out the kits. Last year 541 check outs were made from the list of kits.
Requests for classroom visits and kits are coming in for the Fall semester! Please remember to call early to reserve kits and send in your written requests for classroom visits as soon as possible (minimum three week lead time) and wait for written confirmation. New kits are being cataloged for checkout. For reservation information, please contact Harriet Hare at (803) 648-6851, ext. 3474.

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