DURACELL/NSTA Scholarship Competition

Sponsored by Duracell USA and administered by NSTA, the 15th Annual Duracell/NSTA Scholarship Competition offers students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 and opportunity to win US Series EE Savings Bonds of up to $20,000 face value (cost is $10,000). This is a competition that rewards imagination, ingenuity, and mechanical ability.
To enter the competition, a student must create and build a working device powered by Duracell batteries. Devices should perform a practical function. Each entry must be designed and built by the entrant. Joint entries are not accepted.
To qualify, an entry must include all of the following items: a descriptive two-page essay, a written diagram, clear photos of the device, and a completed Official Entry Form.
For a detailed brochure regarding contest entry, please call (703) 312-9201, write
  • DURACELL/NSTA Scholarship Competition
  • NSTA
  • 1840 Wilson Blvd.
  • Arlington, VA 22201-3000

    or email pbowers@nsta.org. Entry deadline is January 15, 1997.

    (Information on this page is from the RPSEC October 1996 Newsletter.)

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