Mobile Instructional Computer Classroom (MICC)

The RPSEC just completed a two year project funded by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and directed by Dr. Gary J. Senn. The purpose of this project was to provide a Mobile Instructional Computer Classroom (MICC) to the CSRA Hub. During the first year of the project, the MICC was used in the Williston-Elko area of Barnwell County. During the second year of the project, the MICC was used in Allendale County.
During the Fall of each year a course, Microcomputers & Instruction, was offered to teachers. During this course the teachers learned the necessary techniques to make the computer a practical tool in the classroom. Students learned the basics of an integrated word processor, spreadsheet, and database program. This integrated package was used to produce handout materials, quizzes and tests, a computerized grade book, and student progress reports. A program called HyperStudio was to create computerized lessons that could be used in the classroom. The teachers also evaluated a number of available computer assisted instructional programs.
Near the midterm of the teacher course, a student project began. Some of the teachers enrolled in the course were selected to participate in the student project along with the students in their classrooms. A staff person from the RPSEC traveled with the MICC to the schools to set up a computer classroom. Ten visits were made to each class. The students were involved in activities similar to those that the teachers experienced during the course. The teachers acted as facilitators during the periods when their students were using the computers.

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