USC Aiken Students Participate in International Logo Contest


Early in 2004, the International Digistar Users Group held a logo contest. The group was interested in creating a logo to represent themselves and opened an international contest to create the logo.
Under the leadership of USC Aiken Visual & Performing Arts professors Al Beyer and Michael Fowler, the following students submitted their work to the contest: Sadia Baig, Chandy Holland, Haley Padgett, Jennifer Feldman, Terrance Leverette, Nathan Elliott, Matthew Smith and Veronica Montesdeoca,
There were a large number of entries into the contest and all of the USCA entries were great. A first round of voting narrowed the field of over 40 possibilities down to six contestants. This narrowed field of six included the entries of Matthew Smith and Haley Padgett. This field of six was narrowed to a field of three with Matthew Smith still among them. While a USCA entry was not selected as the final logo for the Digistar Users Group, it is exciting that our students were competitive in this contest. A hearty congratulations is extended to the students in the USC Aiken Visual and Performing Arts Department.